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Hello Little Bites! Ok so on Monday I tried to do a photoshoot, but there were many problems, like my camera wasn't working right and also I coudn't find the right place to shoot. On Tuesday, almost everything was alright and finally we did it (yeah!) :) I could name this post a happy post, since I got so many cute items, like the full of donuts phone case or the croissant pin, but instead of this title I chose "Work". Work for your dreams and for your goals little bites :D Oh and I totally forgot, I bought this lovely H&M cardigan from a kilo shop at a very good price and I think this autumn I will wear it so many times, that I am afraid that I won't wear it ever again haha Don't forget to follow me on instagram for more photos (@missminthewonderland). Have fun and I'm waiting for your opinions! Kisses :)

Like I wrote you above, I got a new phone case full of donuts from there. Creativity is fun and people who work there know it very well :)

Also colourful is this chocker from LUNA AMORA. It started in 2014 in Atlanta by Makaila, who has 2 partners to help her, Miljorie and Sivvy. She thinks that clothes should be adorable and original, that's why she shares her love for fashion.

I received this cute pins (croissant and ice cream) & this adorable donut keychain many months ago, but I didn't find the time and the perfect outfit to match with them. Tadaa and here it is! This brand was created in 2012 by Karen Firth in Canada. She combined love for food and miniatures into one great hobby. Her inspiration comes from all types of food and all things that are colorful and fun. You can find on Karen's shop handcrafted taco bracelet, cupcakes earrings, banana earrings, burrito pin and many many more. So if you want something different and super cute, don't hesitate to check BITE SIZE.


This cute brand was launched almost 2 years ago, by Charlotte Maillot, on the site of LittleMercerie and then on Etsy! You can find there many products for gift packaging, various decorations, scrapbooking and creative cuisine. Some examples are gift boxes, labels, stickers, silicone molds, straws like mine, balloons (I will show you my gold balloons in another post, so stay tuned ;) ). If you have a special occasion, go and shop from there everything you need!
In today's post I am going to show you my favourite products from the brand calledMULBURRY LANE Homemade Goods and Spa Products! Phoebe Ortman started this shop a few years ago when she started making her own beauty products. Products that are total 99.9% natural and don't contain harmful chemicals. She makes them in small quantities to ensure the freshness and the quality of each product. I chose to show you these cute cupcake bath bombs, sugar scrubs and of course these adorable diaper cakes. I think these cakes are perfect gifts for your children, nieces/nephews or a baby shower. I think it is a great idea for a present! Also I like Phoebe's idea to create special products for her customers, just send her a special request and she will do her best to accommodate it! :) 

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