Style Box

Luna Amora

$ 42.00

Some request can be made

*Pictures are just examples, they do not represent all items that will come with the box * 

Comes with a variety of tops, bottoms, and accessories from our store. Some items in the box may not be on the website yet; you may be the first one with it! Will come wrapped up as if it was a gift.

Types of boxes:

Little: Comes with two tops, one bottom, and one accessory from our store. 

A lot : Comes with three tops, one bottom, and two accessories from our store, and an extra surprise . 

Bunch of stuff: Comes with five tops, two bottoms, and three-five accessories from our store and an extra surprise gift. 


New closet: Comes with halter trio, three random halter's, our high neck tank top set,  boyfriend jeans and two other bottoms, and our space trio including three other accessories. This box will come with two bralettes . Will also include one set of our halter and shorts set.  ( If you have bough from us before we wont send duplicates , we will accept request to replace anything you already have that is not a random item ) 

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